Central Coast Trailers and Caravans provides a range of services that cover all of your trailer and towing requirements:



Brake controllers


Boat trailers

Trailer spare parts

Trailer and caravan servicing




We can supply and fit towbars from all the major manufacturers such as Aranda (TAG Towbars) Hayman Reese, Trailboss, Cosmopolitan and Carasel, with quick supply out of Sydney if not in stock, which means minimal lead times.


We can supply and set up your hitch levelling equipment on your caravan.


Our electrical troubleshooting skills also mean that we can wire up modern cars, with their complicated wiring systems and produce an installation that leaves your reversing sensors or LED lights functioning as your manufacturer designed.


As part of our towbar service we also fit electric brake controllers to cars and caravans. 



Our trailer building and spare parts activities back up our servicing of trailers, horse floats and caravans.  In fact repairing trailers and caravans also gives us an insight into the problems that people have in the field, which then supports our trailer and camper trailer design activities, giving a full circle of design/build/service/spare parts supporting each other.



Brake Controllers and Breakaway Systems

Central Coast Trailers is expert at fitting all types of electric brake controllers from all the major suppliers, including under-dash and in-dash units.


With many modern cars the dash design does not suit many of the under-dash units, with air bags getting in the way, and deeply sloping dashes, so the in-dash units then come into their own.


If you are unsure about which type of brake controller to use give us a call.


For people who tow large caravans and trailers (over 2 tonne GVM) Federal regulations require the fitting of a breakaway unit on the towed vehicle that will hold the brakes of the trailer on for 15 minutes if it becomes detached from the tow car.  For many years there has also been a requirement, not enforced by State authorities, to also have in the cab of the tow car a warning device that will alert the driver in the event the battery in the breakaway unit is low on charge. 


Because most of the caravan makers have been "hiding" the breakaway battery unit inside the caravan and not telling customers about the correct use of them, the NSW Roads and Maritime Sercvice (previously RTA) is now enforcing the regulations around in-car battery condition monitors.  Now whenever a caravan is taken for its annual inspection it is a requirement that the inspector also ensure that the breakaway battery monitor is fitted to the tow car.


At Central Coast Trailers and Caravans we have been installing and updating a lot of breakaway systems since the new rules have been enforced and are able to assist ccustomers in meeting the regulations in the most cost effective manner.



Planttrailer.JPG - largeCentral Coast Trailers and Caravans sells trailers ranging from the simplest 6 x 4 up to the maximum size trailers allowed by Federal Regulations, and we have the engineering know-how to design and build a trailer that is fully compliant with Federal and State laws.  We don’t try to be the cheapest, just the best value supplier on the Coast, with backup service that will provide you with peace of mind.


If building something unique we are able to provide supporting calculations for design loads and stresses if required, a service no other maker on the Central Coast is able to provide.


Do you need a special trailer?  Let us make you an offer.  We love tackling the unusual or difficult project, whether it is a motor bike trailer, flat bed trailer, car trailer or tipping trailer.



Boat trailers


We also sell and service boat trailers.


12boattrailer.jpg - largeWe very strongly recommend that you have your boat trailer serviced at least every six months.  No matter how good the axle seals are, immersing a trailer in cold water after a period of time on the road will eventually suck in cold water as the hub cools.  Any water in the grease is bad, but salt water is especially bad, and bearings do not last long once water gets in. The next thing you know you are stuck at the side of the road with a seized bearing, which may even mean a new axle is required.


Regular bearing servicing is cheap insurance.


But it is not just bearings that suffer from salt water immersion.  Even a galvanised chassis will eventually rust.  If caught early enough we can repair rusty sections, but if left too long it can become impossible to do, leaving you with no alternative but to buy a new trailer.



Parts005.jpg - large

Central Coast Trailers and Caravans  carry a large stock of spare parts for caravans and trailers for people who like to build or service their own trailer or caravan.  We are the Central Coast distributor for Alko, and an Alko licenced ESC fitter.


We also carry parts from other manufacturers, and pride ourselves on our ability to source hard to get parts for oder vehicles.


 We are happy to provide advice and help to people who want the thrill of doing their own work, something we understand.  But remember that a trailer or caravan is a lethal weapon if serviced badly, and if you are unsure of your skills or knowledge you would be advised to have your work done by a professional.