Caravan Trailer Repairs Sydney & Central Coast



Caravan trailer repairs in Sydney, its what we do. There is nothing worse than breaking down on the way to or from your holiday.  It never happens in a convenient location, and can in fact lead to life-threatening situations and serious added expense.  Central Coast Trailers and Caravans in Sydney provide professional servicing of trailer and caravan suspensions, hitches, draw bars and chassis, so you can have your vehicle serviced prior to departure and travel without stress or worry.


We also carry a large stock of spare parts for caravans and trailers for people who like to build or service their own trailer or caravan, so call us if you need trailer repairs in Sydney and Central Coast.


We are happy to provide advice and help to people who want the thrill of doing their own work, something we understand.  But remember that a trailer or caravan is a lethal weapon if serviced badly, and if you are unsure of your skills or knowledge you would be advised to have your work done by a professional.


Contact us today for all your trailer repairs.